Monday, April 28, 2008

gasping for sleep

i'm really excited for pat to come home, almost anxious. i've only gotten to see him a total of like...10 days so far this year, which is rly kewl obv. hes only been home for i think a total of 5 too. he's going to be home for what seems like a big part of may, if not all of may, which will be nice.

i think i wanna get a lil hummingbird, or maybe 2, on my left hip. and maybe some flowers for them on my right hip. as a coverup of my sick tats that i already have there. i'm considering getting something drawn up, maybe.

also, i think i'm going to apply to work there the summer after i graduate, doing that. i think that paint's name is joey, he rules.

my favorite place in the world.

Monday, April 21, 2008

blizzard of april 20th.

so working fulltime again is lame. i still get furiously angry when i asked what i plan to do when i graduate, where i plan to work. leeeave me alone, i refuse to think about that, ttylz. i think today, i will begin counting down the actual number of days i have to work until the end up my co-op. we'll see. upcoming things to look forward to to avoid monotony include: pat is finally home in less than two weeks/either going to bamboozle or possibly nyc; a brief family vacation to newboro, ontario, canada, in may, where they have black squirrels and its generally beautiful; and las vegas in july.
i very much like this marc by marc jacobs bag and may purchase it, but if so i'd like to hang w/ it IRL first i think. or i might get tattooed. or pat thinks he might get tattooed. who knowz.
the following is so sickeningly attractive that it almost hurts me.
i'd even drive that in red. really. my dad was considering helping me out with one of those for graduation next year, but i know it wouldnt be the wisest decision. i looked into my insurance for one, and its actually reasonable, but the practicality of service costs post-warranty is not. grrrrr. really though, pretty sure the 128i coupe was introduced this year, while i am car shopping, specifically for me. ok here are some more pictures of it, and the 135i, because why not, really.